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Usefull Tips to Make A Great Education Essay

Writing an education essay can be a learning experience in that it makes the student examine the purpose, design, structure, effectiveness and rationale underlying one’s own education.

Some sample essay topics are:

– The allocation of funds by the last five governments towards education and its impact;

– The teaching methodology in Britain’s schools;

– A comparison between teaching methodologies in Britain and France;

– The need for better teacher training programmes in British schools;

– The role of education in lowering juvenile crime;

– The purpose of Education: Different perspectives;

– The reasons why a college admission essay is such an integral part of the higher education admissions process;

– The role of the state in subsidising education;

– The importance of my college education;

– Is the education system in Britain in line with the corporate sector’s requirements?;

– The link between education and terrorism.

As suggested by the range of topics above, the education essay can relate to a variety of subjects.

There are usually two dimensions to such essays:

– Opinion: This includes the author’s perspective as well as the quotes of renowned figures. For instance, “Malcolm X once said ‘Education is the passport to the future, because tomorrow belongs to those, who prepare for it today.’”

The way we are imparted education today was shaped primarily by how the great thinkers of the past envisioned it. They considered imparting education to be a noble, almost divine vocation, the passage of knowledge from one brilliant scholar to another, intended for the advancement of civilisation. Thus, when you write an essay on education, keep the lofty goals associated with in mind. It will help add depth to your essay.

-Facts: This is where the opinions are supported by statistics and other verifiable information. For instance, you begin with an opinion, “I do not believe that education can help reduce one’s propensity to participate in terror activities.” Followed by supporting evidence in the education essay, “A recent study by Prof. ABC took a sample of 100 people involved in terror attacks in Europe and studied their educational background. Contrary to popular belief, it was seen that 80% of the terrorist had completed post-graduate education, some of them even from universities situated in the target country. Educated people believe that their education gives them access to more opportunities such as jobs, research avenues, and when they are denied these opportunities due to some political reasons, they get disillusioned learn more and are swiftly recruited by terrorist outfits.”

The tone of your essay is also an important factor, as the following examples illustrate:

– Critical: “While the school claims to follow a ‘merit-based’ system, it does little to encourage students from poorer neighbourhoods who demonstrate sudden fall in their grades, by way of tutorials or counselling.”

-Humorous: “After so many years of education, it’s amazing how little I remember. The other day my niece asked me why the sky is blue and I told her ‘Because its God’s favourite colour, sweetie.”

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